Jared, Jack, and Todd discuss the study of personality, in particular comparing two prominent models: the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five Personality Traits. While Myers–Briggs is more widely used, notably in the workplace, the Big Five is preferred in academia. Why is that? We discuss factor analysis, the nature of models, and the consistency and stability of personality. Would you rather see yourself as a thinking person or a disagreeable person? Should we think of certain personality traits as better or worse than others or are all personality traits equally valuable?

Three Truths About Truth

Pete and Todd discuss truth, with an outline of Three Truths About Truth: (1) We aren’t as good at perceiving and remembering facts as we think we are. (2) A lot of our systems are based on a much more limited or squishier version of truth than we often assume. (3) The things we assume and think of as true are often not accepted as true by our neighbors or fellow citizens.