The Two Creation Stories

In this episode we discuss the two creation stories in Genesis, the Documentary Hypothesis and the P and J sources, differences in their vocabulary and portrayals of God, comparisons with the Babylonian Enuma Elish, creative wordplay, and possible ways to think about all this from a religious perspective.

2 thoughts on “The Two Creation Stories”

  1. Very good, thanks for your insights. I hear echoes of my Hebrew/Old Testament professors in what you say. I certainly agree with your view and interpretation. One point is that the church has only privileged the original text and never a translation so you are doing it correctly in terms of studying the original text. Perhaps the controversy comes when people think that your “breaking apart” the text is an attack on the “inerrant, revealed” Word of God. I think of this when we come to understanding the Six Days of Creation as literal truth, or as a literary narrative. I would also wonder if the authors of Genesis 2 knew about Genesis 1, or vice versa. This is much like the question about the development of the Gospels where it is clear that Matthew and Luke knew about Mark, but Mark did not necessarily know about Matthew and Luke.
    In any event, keep up the good work!


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