Star Trek: Rapture

Rick and Todd discuss the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Rapture” in which Captain Sisko, Emissary to the Bajoran Prophets, receives a series of dramatic visions. We discuss the interpretive frameworks of spiritual and secular worldviews, the high costs of prophecy, the reliability or trustworthiness of powerful entities, the interaction of spiritual experiences and the brain, and the importance of the visions in the Deep Space Nine narrative arc.

First Contacts in Star Trek

Rick and Todd discuss first contacts in Star Trek. The first contact of Vulcans coming to Earth and first contacts of Federation humans with other species in the galaxy. We discuss the Prime Directive and other Federation policies. We discuss contacts with the Malcorians, the Prophets of the Wormhole, and Species 10-C. What different reactions do species have at contact? What kinds of challenges might arise from differences in language and ways of perceiving reality?

Star Trek: The Ferengi

Rick and Todd talk about the Ferengi and their development in the Star Trek canon, especially in Deep Space Nine. We go through all 285 Rules of Acquisition (OK not really, but we talk about them). We talk about Ferengi characters like Quark, Rom, Nog, Grand Nagus Zek (“Inconceivable”) and female Ferengi characters Pel and Ishka, who fight the misogyny of Ferengi society.