On the Soul, Part I: The Transporter Problem

What is the nature of the soul? In Part I we look at this question through the thought experiment of the Transporter Problem. What is it that would have to be preserved in a transportation process in order to say that the person stepping out on the other side is the same person? What are the implications for the nature of personal identity and the makeup of the human person, or soul?

Matter and Spirit, the Corporeal and Incorporeal

A look at matter and spirit, the corporeal and incorporeal using the thought device of a spectrum of materiality and ways of dividing it up, and pulling ideas from the thought of Daniel Dennett, Elizabeth Grosz, Baruch Spinoza, and David Bentley Hart.

To see accompanying visuals see the video version on YouTube.

Aesthetics – Experience, Judgment, and Salvation

Jared and Todd discuss aesthetics, aesthetics experiences, personality and sensitivity to aesthetic experiences, judgment, Steven Pinker, The Blank Slate, Immanuel Kant, the subjective universal, aesthetic objectivity, Schopenhauer and Platonism, how beauty will save the world, Hamilton, community from shared aesthetic experiences, and modern art.

Jared and Todd discussion